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Full Color Magnetic Signs from Bud's Sign Shop

Enjoy great outdoor mobile advertising with custom full-color custom magnetic car and truck signs! Budís Sign Shop custom magnetic signsMagnetic Signs by Bud's Sign Shop are made in any size and color. They are highly durable and greatly promote your business during your travels around the city. The magnetic material we use in manufacturing is .030 thick and has been tested on racecars at speeds exceeding 200 mi./h. They donít fly off the car and hold fast because of their high magnetic field. Magnetic car signs are easily applied and removed so that you can use them during the week, and on weekends can be removed when you are home and donít want to be bothered by customers. Our prices canít be beat and will get you the most bang for your buck!

Promoting a business has never been easier with our powerful and impactful, full-color custom magnetic car and truck signs. Call one of our sign specialists to help you out with sizes, colors, designing and for pricing.

Advertising never costs ... It PAYS!

Key points about our full color custom magnetic car and truck signs



  • ∑ They are light weight, thin, strong and flexible and long-lasting.

  • ∑ Our designs are prepared by professionals with over 125 years of combined experience!

  • ∑ Sold in a thickness of .030 the thickest in the market!

  • ∑ They are lightweight and easy to handle and install and are very wind and fade resistant!

  • ∑ Used indoors or outdoors to advertise or inform customers.

  • ∑ Are completely waterproof and can be used on doors, cars, trucks, trailers and any vehicle that has metal.

  • ∑ They are great for developing brand or name recognition in your area.

  • ∑ Are seen by thousands of customers, pedestrians, our cars, and while you are driving from point to point.

  • ∑ Car or truck magnetic signs are easy to store. Just store them on the side of the metal filing cabinet or desk.

  • ∑ Made into any height and width measurement to fit your needs.

  • ∑ We can reproduce photographs, corporate logos, special designs or any font in any color.

  • ∑ Magnetic signs stand out in a crowd of vehicles in parking lots.

  • They will make you look very professional when you attend events or are placing a bid or doing a job on site.

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